The way I want my life to look

  • White dishes. Mismatched textures and edges, but all white. Wish dishes.
  • Antique silverware.
  • Hardwood floors.
  • Natural light.
  • A polaroid camera present.
  • Veggie gardens without slugs (slugs have their place though. They could be considered cute).
  • Cake stands, plural. A big blue one, a smallish orange one; more.
  • Baking dishes: lots. Silpat lining with MADE IN FRANCE embossed.
  • Pitchers full or flowers or lemonade or homemade iced tea.
  • Tea from teapots.
  • Handmade hot chocolate mix.
  • Blankets and pillows.
  • An always full cookie jar.
  • Bowls bowls bowls: pretty metal ones and matte free form white ones and maybe a few cream ones and at least one sassy hued one.
  • Lots of wine.
  • More beer.
  • Burritos, salsa, chips.
  • Cookbooks.
  • Bookshelves with rotating fare: lots of trips to second hand bookstores.
  • Farmer's markets.
  • Fresh bread.
  • Homemade mayonnaise.

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