A good day

My Mom and I ran 14km, and afterwards we agreed that, should we have to, we could probably do it again after a glass of wine, a batch of cookies, and another week. We are wary about the looming 16km that threatens us from the future–the future being next Sunday–but whatever. Sweating that much is satisfying. Once you're past the initial annoying sw-ack (sweaty back) and you're moist all over, it's sort of like a steam room. And hobbling around the house with my Mom post-run and all of Monday, whining about our respectably sore ham-strings calves and asses...just let me tell you, it's fabulous. Dad has to be sympathetic, cause he hasn't run yet. And it also means I can make a really fun sandwich for lunch, and eat 4 cookies.

Open-Faced Corn and Red Pepper Baguette
1 demi baguette, sliced in half lengthwise
1/2 the kernels cut from a cooked cob of corn*
1 roasted red pepper, sliced in half lengthwise
A chunk of hummus hummus
A generous scoop of grain dijon
Some slices of brie cheese
*When you're cutting the corn from the cob, try to keep the "sheets" of corn intact. It makes it easier to lay out on the sandwich.
Preheat the broiler and toast the baguette slices gently. Maintain broiler temperature, remove baguette slices. Spread both sides with hummus and dijon. Lay the corn "sheets" out, top with red pepper and brie. Broooooooooil til melty and delicious.
Eat slowly, in bed, dropping kernels here and there.

And then later, I went outside to check my tomatoes, which are growing wild-style. More like wild-animal style, actually. It's practically a ravine. A ravine carrying luscious jewels of antioxidants and skin-clearing magic. And then I took a picture of those on my bed too, because I like wrinkled sheets.

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